An inflatable boat is very important for fishing. Do not take this selection process lightly. A good boat can be a reliable fishing companion for a long time.


There are many nuances on which you should choose an inflatable boat. One of them is its capacity. You don’t have to rely on instructions and sketches. Ask the consultant in the store to inflate it, so you can visually see what will fit in it.

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Think about what you are going to take on a fishing trip. And how many people usually fish with you. An important point is to research the law. You need to find out what sizes are not included in the category of small vessels, which are subject to registration.


A man goes fishing to relax both body and soul. And if peace and quiet are enough for the soul, the body needs comfortable conditions. That’s why the boat, which you choose, should be comfortable for you.

You can choose either a boat with a solid floor or a boat with an inflatable bottom. There are pros and cons to each of these options. With a solid boat, you have the ability to fish not only while sitting, but also while standing. And a boat with an inflatable floor has excellent insulation.

Be sure to ask the consultant (or find it yourself in the manual), if the boat has a device for lowering and raising the anchor – an anchor eye. With this you can prolong the life of the boat by avoiding the rope rubbing the material. Many models have the ability to move the seats. This can come in handy in many situations.


Since you will not buy a new boat every season, you should choose a vessel such that it will be in your use for more than one year. Therefore, all seams should be symmetrical, even and, most importantly, tightly welded.

The boat should be such that if you want you can install a motor on it.


Of course, all of the above is important. However, nothing is more important than the safety of the inflatable boat you plan to spend time on. All inflatable boats are made of several layers of PVC and the more there are, the safer the vessel is considered. Manufacturers, in the manufacture of modern boats, use polyvinyl chloride and Hipalon, which are highly durable and resistant to stress.

Particular attention should be paid to the sides. They should not be either wide or narrow. In the first case, they reduce the performance of the boat. And in the second case, water can get inside at the slightest wave.

Many modern models are equipped with various techniques, such as automatic pressure equalization, as well as a valve with which you can easily get rid of the water inside the boat.

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The most practical colors for a boat are the darker shades, as they won’t show dirt. Bright models can scare off fish. You can also meet boats in light colors. They also have their own advantages. For example, they do not heat up as much during hot weather. But it is worth remembering that fish are very sensitive to such colors.

If you are not an expert, it will take you quite a long time to choose a boat. After all, it is very difficult to consider all the nuances when choosing it. But you can always ask for help from consultants, who will show you all the pros and cons of this or that boat.