As spring arrives, the days get longer and warmer. There is already a desire to go out on the water and fish. You can go the familiar way and go out in the early morning. For the sake of experiment we recommend to try to go out at night or late in the evening. You will need special clothes for this. Let’s take a closer look at how you can prepare for night fishing.


From the quality of equipment depends on the success of fishing. An important element is a source of light. This can be a flashlight that is attached to the head and one large. At night it is still cold, so it is necessary to take with you a hat. A flashlight should be comfortably attached to it. It is he who will be the main source of light during fishing. We also advise to get a snood, if it can be called that. In spring the nights are not as warm as in summer. And the wind can pick up. Protecting your face from the cold will help not to get sick and not be distracted by discomfort.

Let’s move on to the most important thing – clothing. It should be practical in the first place, we think about the design in the last place.


Consider in detail the characteristics of equipment for fishing at night.

  1. Clothing should be warm. The temperature near a body of water is always cooler than away from it. During the day it may seem that the weather outside is already warm. But it is not. In March and April, the nights are still cold. But it is important to note that the clothes should not be too warm. Overheating is just as bad for the body as overcooling.
  2. Comfort. No restraints on movement. In the dark, and so a person is more difficult to navigate. If the clothes will be uncomfortable, it can lead to injuries, falls. To spend your time with pleasure, choose something that is comfortable and proven by repeated trips to the countryside.
  3. Headgear is not unimportant. We have already talked about the hat and flashlight. But here there is another factor – insects. Near the water there are enough of them to prevent fishing. A hat partially protects the head from unpleasant gnats.
  4. Comfortable shoes. It must fit snugly to the foot. Otherwise – an injury to the foot, the possibility to twist a foot and other troubles. At night you can stumble on the beach carelessly. Take care of your safety in advance by choosing comfortable boots or boots.
  5. Waterproof. A classic for fishing. Usually, special clothing is already impervious to moisture. But if during the day on a summer day it is not so critical, then at night in the cold time it is unpleasant to feel splashes of cold water, light rain or even snow.


It is highly discouraged to use a boat to fish at night. It is dangerous because of low visibility. Extremes equip the spoon with lanterns and signal lights. But this is not enough. So let’s leave this venture until morning.

Go fishing at night is extremely rare. It seems unobvious, so there will be few people on the shore. In addition to the fact that you will be quieter alone, so also the fish will not be “intimidated” by numerous floats.

Before leaving for the reservoir, take spare tackle, check all the equipment you need. At night it will be unpleasant to find out that you forgot something or left it on the shelf just before going out. This applies to clothing as well. Check zippers on jackets, boots. Such little things seem superfluous, but when it comes to safety, there are no questions.