The ocean is so amazing with its inhabitants that man may not even be aware of many of them. Today we are going to talk about the inhabitants, which are amazing by their size. So, here is a list of the five largest fish that live in the ocean.


The guasa is an ocean giant that belongs to the rockfish family and is unfortunately on the verge of extinction. The guasa can grow to almost three meters in length. And its weight can be about four hundred kilograms. The fish can be found in the Caribbean Sea (in large parts of it), near the Bahamas, in the waters of Brazil, and in the Florida Keys.

Guassa spawn in the same location, making them easy prey. Recently, a law was passed making it illegal to catch this fish. However, poachers continue their hunt, selling the fish meat at very high prices on the black market.

Despite its size, the guass is not dangerous to humans. Its diet includes crustaceans, young turtles, small fish and octopuses.


The Atlantic Ocean is home to sharp-nosed giants whose name is the blue marlin. Most of the fish’s life is spent in open waters, away from the shore. Body weight of female specimens can reach 820 kilograms, and the length of the body without a “spear” about four meters. In packs, the fish are extremely rare.

Because marlin meat has a high fat content, the fish is susceptible to catching. Bluefish feed primarily on smaller fish, weighing no more than 45 kilograms.


Of all the species of sharks, the great white is the most dangerous to humans. In the history of mankind we know a lot of cases of shark attacks not only on people but also on entire boats and boats. During the single year of 2000 there were over 150 recorded attacks of the white shark on humans, the outcome of 30 of which was extremely sad. Because of this, people have nicknamed the shark a man-eating fish.

However, it does not deliberately look for humans. It feeds on everything that comes to its “hand”. Despite the fact that it is a dangerous predator, the white shark is on the verge of extinction. Around the world, about 3,500 individuals remain.

Despite the fact that history knows the case when the shark weighed 3,324 kilograms, the average predator weighs about 1,100 kilograms.

The man-eating fish can be found in the open waters of the ocean and in the coastal areas of the continental, island shelves.


The whale shark is the largest not only among sharks, but also among all the fish that live in the ocean waters. They can weigh up to 22 tons and can be up to 20 meters in size. This type of shark is not like the other representatives of the family.

In recent years, the number of this fish is rapidly decreasing. Whale sharks have not been too numerous at all times. But because of the constant hunting of them, the species is on the verge of extinction. It is an easy prey because of its slowness and apathy.

The largest representative of marine life is found in the waters of the World Ocean. They practically do not live alone, they gather in small groups. Their lifespan is 70 years. And they reach puberty and the possibility to reproduce only at the age of 35 to 50 years. Their favorite food is plankton.