Pitch buzzer is one of the most necessary elements used in the process of fishing and is used by many anglers. It is mounted on a fishing rod. The main purpose is to improve the quality of the nibble by the timely recognition. Depending on the type of alarm device, it can be placed both on the crossbar of the feeder and on the fishing line. But, at the same time, the device picks up and displays the slightest fluctuations arising in the process of fishing.


Just a few years ago the only and most effective alarm device was a simple bell, which gave a signal at the slightest movement of the fishing line. Today a variety of alarm devices allows you to pick out the best option in terms of functionality and cost. There are the following types of alarms:

  • mechanical – the group includes bats (or hangers), springers and swingers. Swingers are attached to the stand and signaling device, springers are fixed to the crossbar. Hungers are the lightest in the group, so they are used together with the line is not stretched without losing efficiency in use. if necessary, the device is equipped with a light;
  • Visual – considered the easiest to use, but no less effective. The group includes nods, fireflies, floats. The main advantage of use is the ability to accurately determine the place of biting and the possibility of timely hooking of fish. Recommended for use by experienced anglers, otherwise you can miss your catch;
  • Electronic – the most expensive, but the most effective devices. They have a high level of reliability and sensitivity of components. Are able to work for a long time on a single charge, regardless of environmental conditions (e.g. rain or cold). Easy to set up even in poor visibility conditions. Produce a lower percentage of erroneous data.

Electronic devices are actively used, regardless of experience. Therefore, they can be used even by novice anglers.


Despite the advantages of each individual type of alarm device, professional fishermen recommend having several types of devices in stock and applying them depending on the conditions.

For example, in windy weather, rods should be placed horizontally, which reduces the likelihood of wind impact on the line. Mechanical signalers of pendulum type are ideal under such conditions.

When night fishing, at any time of year, it is recommended to use alarm devices with lighting. They do not require the use of additional energy, which allows you to maintain performance throughout the fishing trip.

Electronic devices are ideal for use in calm weather, but the area that you have little knowledge and need to determine the best places for biting. In this case you can move both along the shore and along the river without losing the effectiveness of the bite.

When selecting a sounder for personal use, it is recommended to pay attention to the conditions of use and its characteristics in order to make the best choice.