Spinning is an important part of an angler’s accessory. Manufacturers divide all fly rods into classes from 3 to 12. Depending on which line a fly rod has, its characteristics may change during the load and show different reaction speeds.

  1. Ultra-fast line – bends in the upper quarter of the rod.
  2. Fast – bends in the upper third of the spinning rod.
  3. Medium – bends at the top of the rod.
  4. Slow – bends along the entire length of the spinning rod.

Beginners should buy a rod class 6-7, length 2, 3 – 2, 4 m made of carbon fiberglass or fiberglass, preferably with a slow system. Professional fishermen say that for fly fishing rods, the best option is when the handle is made of cork material.

When buying, you should take the rod in your hands and do not hesitate to shake it, if the hand feels the change in the rod, then it is definitely suitable. Be sure to have a connection between the rod and the fisherman, the speed of reaction and the number of fish caught depends on it.


When choosing a reel, you need to know that it differs in its functional tasks. A fly fishing reel should be used to store the cord as well as to fish out the average fish.

There are three types of reels:

  • single;
  • automatic;
  • multiplier reels.

For beginners, it is worth starting with the easiest and not heavy. On the reel you need to wind about 35 meters of cord, so its size should fit the requirements for fishing with fly fishing.

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The cord is one of the most important components of fly fishing. There are several types of cords:

  • sinking;
  • floating.

Sinking is used to catch fish at depth, so they have dark colors. Slack-floating and floating are used for surface fishing, so they are painted in lighter colors to blend in with the clear water of the river. The most popular cords for fly fishing are considered to be double cone cords and torpedo cords.

Beginners are better to give preference to torpedo-shaped floating cords with them to work much easier and faster, you can learn and hone the long throw, which should be made at 15-20 meters.


In order to quickly learn how to throw, you need to buy a class 6 rod, preferably white.

Straight throwing is performed when there is a free cord, 6-8 meters long, it must be passed through the rings of the rod, and also laid in the reel up at a slight angle. Initially, the cord is held in the left hand, then bring it to the right and press to the handle with the index finger. After a swing up and back is made, you need to hold your hand for a second and throw the cord into the water. After prolonged training, the cord will be thrown along the same trajectory.

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In order to better and faster master the fly fishing method, it is better to start choosing rods, as well as training with a person who knows how to use this method, and in training will be able to give valuable advice that will be needed for the novice fisherman.