Both on land and in water there are many creatures that are dangerous to humans. When it comes to water, piranhas, crocodiles, and sharks are the ones people fear the most. However, after reading this article, you will learn that in addition to these inhabitants, there are other representatives in the freshwater that are dangerous to humans. They can be called killer monsters, many of which can grow to human height.


If you are wondering what an animate demon looks like, you can look at the big tiger fish, whose length and weight reach 6 meters and 80 kilograms. The danger of the fish is that in just a few seconds it can tear its prey of any size, thanks to its sharp teeth, which are up to five centimeters long. This predator preys even on crocodiles, not to mention humans. You can meet the goliath in central Africa.


In Nepal and India you may meet a monster that can surprise you with its size: weight – 160 kilograms, length – 2.5. meters. In its structure, the fish is similar to the shark. Its mouth is as sharp as razor-sharp teeth capable of tearing its prey to pieces. The danger of the guppy is that it can attack humans even in crowded places.

The gunch liked human meat because of the traditions of the local people. The fact is that people are not buried in the ground here. They are burned. And the remains are sent on their “last journey” along the river.


The painful death of an animal or human from the sharp teeth of the barracuda comes within minutes. The fish easily tears ligaments, muscles and tendons. Young representatives are huddled in packs. And older fish may hunt alone.


Piraiba catfish is a very strong fish, which can only be opposed by swordfish or sharks. Catfish can reach a weight of 300 kilograms. Even after being hooked, it is able to unwind the line.

If a person is caught by this fish, then he will not be able to escape. That’s why human remains are often found in its stomach. It uses its horrible bent teeth to separate from its prey.


In the muddy rivers of East Asia lives a river monster whose name is the giant freshwater stingray. Its peculiarity, in addition to its large size and weight, is that it has poisonous twenty-three centimeter spines in its tail section. If a victim is lucky enough to survive an encounter with a stingray, his wounds may not heal for months (due to the very toxic poison).

As we can see, not only the ocean is inhabited by dangerous animals. You should be very careful when walking near unknown rivers and reservoirs in foreign countries.