In summer, most anglers prefer to fish in the morning and evening, and some even at night. But what to do for those who do not have the opportunity to go to a body of water at a suitable time of day? There is only one way out – to fish in the daytime, despite the heat. Of course, in hot weather there is not much chance for successful fishing, but there are.

To begin with, you need to figure out where it makes no sense to look for fish in the heat. At the height of summer, when the temperature does not drop below 25 degrees during the day, aquatic vegetation begins to actively develop. As a result of the rapid growth of algae, the oxygen level in the water decreases. This means that in the daytime in areas with overgrown bottom fishing will not be effective. Then where to fish in the heat? Avid fishermen recommend looking in the following places:

  • In the depths. Many different fish hide from the heat in deep holes. At the bottom there are usually bream and small bream, common carp stay a bit higher and roach and goose wait for the evening coolness at the entrances and exits from the hole, as well as on the channel bars and dips. Catfish also live in deeper water, but in the daytime they prefer to rest, so they are occasional.
  • In the shade of trees. Overhanging tree branches over the water do not directly reduce the water temperature, but they create a certain comfort for many underwater inhabitants. Here can stand in an ambush pike, not satiated for the morning. Very fond of such places chub, which willingly picks up insects falling from the branches. If the current in the area shaded by trees is insignificant and the depth is over 1.5 meters, there is a high probability of meeting with a perch pack.
  • Rolling rivers. River sediments and ridges are also attractive to fish on hot summer days. Especially if there are stones on the bottom. The rifts are often visited by roach, ide, chub, roach, roach. In these places you can often see fishermen in broad daylight, which successfully catch the method in the wire.
  • Potholes. As a rule, they are formed at a meeting of two differently directed currents, as well as at sharp turns of the river, where the stream rests on a natural obstacle. Mixing, the currents saturate the water with oxygen, creating favorable conditions for fish. Activity of underwater inhabitants in the ponds is always high, including during the day.
  • Rooters. When searching for fish in the heat should not bypass bogged areas. Submerged snags provide good cover for both civilians and predators. In snags there is a high probability of catching pikeperch, carp and trophy pike. There is an opinion that in the heat pike do not hunt, they attack the bait in order to protect the territory.

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Useful tip

Throughout the day, no matter how hot it is, you can effectively catch the bleak. This fish is not the worst, although many people dislike it. Meat bleak contains as much as 12% fat, besides it is very tasty. On the river it will not have to look for a long time, as it is undemanding to the conditions and lives almost throughout the coastal zone. If you can not visually detect the bleak, just throw a handful of dry “dusting” bait into the water and it will immediately attract numerous flocks.